Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tips for Warming up

Today was a beautiful day here in Indiana. Weather was perfect for a nice jog.  I went running for about 30 minutes, and about 7-8 minutes of that included my warm up and cool down.  This is something that is commonly overlooked.
How many people just do some static stretching (stretching while standing still) rather than a nice short dynamic warmup?
Your body will respond better to a dynamic warm up and static stretching after a cool down. Dynamic warmup can be anything from a grapevine, high knees, or butt kicks. It's better for your muscles because you are preparing them for exercise whereas when you do static stretching you're teaching your muscles to relax.
So next time you are about to work out remember to do a quick dynamic warmup of your choice. You'll feel better and less tight while working out.

Have a great workout!!

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