Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Challenge You

today I started training for a cycling challenge I have going this summer. In 3 months I plan on riding 1000 miles on my bike. I am doing this with 4 other friends and as a group we want to get 5000 miles. This means we need to average 11 miles a day. Honestly this isn't going to be too hard for me. The rain will be my only setback. this is also going to be a way for me to quick wasting the minimal amount of gas I use when going to and from work. That means that 6 days a week this summer I will be riding 5 miles just because of work. I use my own challenge as a challenge to you. Try replacing one of your daily, or weekly, habits with something more physically active. A simple way is biking rather driving or taking the stairs. Use these small steps and hopefully they will turn into a great kick start for a healthier lifestyle.

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